Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How OLD is OLD??...

This past weekend, while sitting at the State Wrestling Tournament, the team somehow ended talking about how old Jeremiah was. It was brought to their attention that I am older than he is. For the rest of our time in Huntington, the kids kept telling me I had gray hair (I don't have gray hair, I I also ended up catching an episode of Kourtney & Kim Take NY (don't judge). In the episode, Kim freaks out over turning 30. So, this got me old is old?
I polled Facebook. A lot of people thought 60-70 was old. Some said getting gray hair makes you old. I disagree with both. I worked at Buckhannon Manor for a few years. There was a 90 year old woman there who acted like she was 21. Was she old? I don't believe so. She was young in her heart. I think that's the most imporant. As long as you think you're young, you will be. As for the gray mom started going gray at 20. I still don't think she's old. Have you seen my mama? She looks good!!
I remember sitting at my gate in Pittsburgh International Airport, a year ago. I was on my way to Oklahoma to see Jeremiah. I saw this gorgeous woman walking toward me. She was hands down the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on. She walked over & sat in the seat directly behind me. She pulled out her phone & made a call. I overheard her say it was her birthday, and she was on her way home from a business trip to run a marathon. She turned 50 that day. I couldn't believe it. This woman did not look a day over 30. At that moment, I vowed to really start taking care of myself. I want to be a 50 year old inspiration to a 20 something stranger, one day.
This brings me to the other end of the spectrum...I was at Wal-Mart a few years ago with my mama. We were taking my brother through the toy section, when I spotted a girl I went to school with. She had a few kids with her, I'm not sure if they were hers. She looked tired. She had started getting wrinkles. Her hair was a mess. I asked my mom how old she thought the girl was. My mom's guess? 45. She didn't believe me when I told her she was my age.
These events have shaped MY perception of 'old'. It is my belief that if you take care of yourself, then you're going to look & feel younger. And if you have fun & don't take life (or yourself) to seriously, that'll help too. If you let yourself feel old, then it's going to show on your face. Remember, age is nothing but a number. Keep smiling & stay young at heart.

I googled the word OLD...this is what I got. LOL!!

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