Tuesday, March 1, 2011

For Those Ladies Looking for Sally Hansen Nail Effects...

I've gotten a lot of feed bad on the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail stickers. Those of you who tried them, love them (like I knew you would), but a lot of you said stores were sold out & you couldn't find them. I found them at ulta.com (it's kinda like Sephora, but they also carry drugstore brands...very cool) for $9.99. They have 22 different designs on the website. Click here to check them out!!

Also, Sephora by OPI makes a product called Chic Prints for Nails. Basically the same thing, just a bit more expensive ($15), and they only have 13 different designs. I have not tried these, but they got good reviews on sephora.com. Click here to check them out!!

Hope this helps ladies!! :)

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