Sunday, October 30, 2011

Catching Up...

Hey, ladies!!
     Sorry I've been MIA for awhile. Things have been kinda hectic for the past month. There have been alot of changes in my life. I started a new job. Come see me at the Dairy King!! Since a few of the girls are having babies there, they needed someone to fill in. So, I'll be making cones and decorating cakes through the Winter. I'm really enjoying it. It's kinda nice to get out of the house a few days a week. I miss Odin when I'm there, though. He's getting so big!! He's talking more, and being so creative. He blows me away daily. The time I would normally spend blogging in the evenings, has been spent playing with him. I'm trying to soak up every moment. As I sit here blogging, we are waiting for his new puppy to arrive!! He's getting an English Bulldog puppy today!! We decided to name him Rocco. Odin calls him Also, I decided since so many other things in my life were changing, I should probably change my hair color. Back to brunette!! (pics to come later...promise.) I really don't wanna go into too many details about everything, just please remember to keep my family in your thoughts and prayer. More makeup stuff to come very soon!! Thanks for being patient with me. I love you all!!
Love & Lashes,
Jamie <3

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

5 Foods For Healthy Skin...

Salmon is high in Omega-3's. They are the good-for-you fats. They hep soften dry skin by holding in moisture, which will decrease the look of wrinkles and plump the skin. 

 Eating tomatoes can actually help block out the suns harmful UV rays, this will help against premature aging & skin cancer.

Citrus fruits, like oranges, are full of Vitamin C. This not only helps against cold prevention, but will also help fight off wrinkles.

Green tea is an all-around healer to skin. It helps protect the skin from melanoma and acts as an anti-inflammatory against acne and cuts.

Sulfur (found in eggs) helps keep skin smooth by repairing tissue and elasticity in skin.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Beauty That Gives Back...

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month!! Here are some great beauty items, all from Sephora, that will help you support a great cause!!

Sephora BCA Color Flip Palette ($15.00...$1 from each sold goes toward breast cancer research.)

Clinique BCA Dramatically Different Moisturizer Lotion Luxury Size ($38.00...$10 from each sold goes toward breast cancer research.)

Stila BCA Positive and Pretty Palette ($14...the amount Stila donates to breast cancer research isn't listed on the website.)

Shiseido Shimmering Rouge in Iron Maiden ($25.00...$5 of every one sold goes toward breast cancer research.)

Sultra The Bombshell 1" in Pink BCA ($130.00...Sultra will donate a portion of the proceeds to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.)

Clarisonic Skincare Brush in BCA Pink ($195.00...with every pink brush sold, Clairsonic will make a donation to help fun the fight against breast cancer.)

Sephora Collection Pink Eyelash Curler ($16.00...$1 from each one sold will go towards the fight against breast cancer.)

Check out these great products at!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

L'Oreal Developes a Pill to Prevent Gray Hair...

Silver foxes (like Helen Mirren) may so be an endangered species. According to the London Times, L'Oréal will have a pill that prevents gray hair out within the next four years. "We intend people to take it in the same way as a dietary supplement," L'Oréal's Bruno Bernard told The Times. "It won't be expensive. Ideally, you would take it for your whole life, but realistically we would encourage people to start using it before the hair goes gray, because we don't think it can reverse the process once it's started.

Gray hair happens because as you age your cells don't produce as much of a "helper" enzyme called tyrosinase-related protein-2. L'Oréal has developed a proprietary fruit-derived enzyme that it thinks will be able to mimic the effects of your natural protein, but it won't be revealing exactly what the enzyme is until the International Investigative Dermatology in 2013, closer to the pill's release date.

Monday, October 3, 2011

How To Use Flesh-Toned Eyeliner...

You can pretty much get your hands on any color eyeliner, from an outlandish sparkling yellow to that perfect smoked-out green, but there is a whole other crop of flesh-toned liners out there that are just waiting to be used.

For the Eyes:

  • Bright eyes: You've probably heard that white eyeliner, when used in the lower waterline of the eyes, can help brighten the eye area. The only problem is that the starkness of the white can look a bit unnatural. Instead, use a pearly skin-toned liner as an eye-awakening brightener.

  • Balance it out: If your eyes are close-set, a subtle, flesh-toned liner applied on the inner Vs of your eyes will help to provide the illusion of eyes that are further spaced apart. For eyes that are wide-set, it's just the opposite. Apply the liner to the outer edges to bring the eyes closer together.

  • Natural glow: If you don't have a lot of time, highlight the brow bone with a pencil that's one shade lighter than your skin. It'll make you look more awake. To create soft contour in the crease, apply a liner in a shade slightly darker than your skin tone.

    • Other Uses:
      • Cover it up: Use a liner in the same tone as your skin as an acne cover-up in a pinch.
      • Soften mistakes: Did you go a little overboard with the smoky eye? Use a flesh-toned liner to soften harsh edges and as a barrier to prevent eye makeup from smudging.
      I use Nars Larger Than Life Long Wear Eyeliner in Rue Bonaparte (pictured above...$23.00 at Sephora).