Saturday, April 30, 2011

Makeup Haul...

I had plans all week to attend the WVU Spring Game. Since it was yucky last night, Hubs decided that we were getting out of town. We grabbed the baby and my sister & headed to Pittsburgh. We spent the evening at Robinson Town Center. I did a little Mother's Day shopping, this is what I came home with...

MAC's Vegas Volt Lipstick
I love buying my obsession, gives me a reason to find a new one.

MAC's Viva Glam Gaga 2
It's extremely close to Myth, but I had to have it.

MAC's Naked Lip Liner
I'm not a big "Liner Girl", felt like a good place to start.

Make Up For Ever's Aqua Cream in 2
I bought this because it's feature in Britney's video for "Hold It Against Me"...don't judge, I love her.

See? Gorgeous.

And finally...

Sephora by OPI Nail Polish in Break A Leg-Warmer
Everyone is wearing pastel polish right now, I'm making gray happen.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Fashion Friday: Royal Wedding Edition...

The event of the year has come & gone. I, like billions of other around the world, set my clock & got up early to see the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton. A lot of men have been ask, "Why is this such a big deal?" Personally? I think women are interested because it's a modern day, Cinderella story. He's a prince. She's a commoner. It's fabulous. Plus, how often does a royal wedding happen? Not often. It was totally worth waking up at 4 am. It's history, people.

Kate, who did her own makeup for the big day, looked stunning in a dress designed by Sara Burton for Alexander McQueen.

Had it been MY wedding, and I was wearing McQueen, it would've looked more like this...

I guess that's why she's is now royal, and I am not.

Other than the excitement of 'The Dress', I enjoyed watching the guests arrive. The women were told on the invitation to wear hats, so that's what they did...and they were spectacular. Philip Treacy is a hat genius. Here are a few of my favorites...

The Beckham's

Princesses, Eugenie and Beatrice

Socialite, Tara Palmer Tomkinson

and, the Queen :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Obsessed With This Look...

Miranda Kerr, Korean Elle

Troy Jensen is one of favorite makeup artists (second only to Mr. Billy B). He's probably most known for the work he does on Kim Kardashian. He's been the man behind her sexy calenders, and many, many, many of her gorgeous looks. The guy is amazing. He knows how to make a woman look super smoldering. Want proof? Check out the picture above.

To get this look start by sweeping a bronzed brown color on your lids, lining the inside and upper outer corners of her eyes with Dior's Eyeliner Pencil in Black ($28). Then, using a damp brush, add a wash of pale blue eye shadow, the brand's Iridescent Eyeshadow in Ready-to-Glow ($58), directly over the brown.

Sun-kissed cheeks are achieved with DiorBlush in SunKissed Cinnamon ($40), and a shimmery pale lip color (Lip Liner Pencil in Sparkling Beige ($28) with Dior Addict Lipstick in Urban ($28), a sheer pale pink) brought it all together.
**All Dior makeup is available at** 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Mother's Day Wishlist...

I'm really looking forward to Mother's Day this year. Last year kind of missed the mark. I was still crabby from childbirth, and Hubs was working out of town. Until my son is old enough to make me paper cards and coffee filter flowers, I figure I should put the word out there for something I really want. Will someone please email this to my husband?? :)

1. iPhone 4 ($199.99 with my upgrade from
If you know me, you've seen my phone. If you've seen my phone, you know why this is at the top of my list. I currently have an iPhone 3GS. It has to be the saddest, most haggard phone in the whole world. I am so clumsy, and my poor phone has suffered the consequences. It's cracked. The speakers don't work right. It shuts off without warning. I miss calls. Sometimes, my letters chose not to work while I'm texting. It's not a good look. A new phone is more of a necessity. Trust me.

2. MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick ($14.50 at
I don't know what it is about this color, but I NEED it. I dream about it. No joke. I'm seriously obsessed. There's nothing better than a bright coral lip on tan skin. So Summer.

3. Coach Kristen Leather Hobo in Peony ($289.00 at
Since my baby isn't much of a baby anymore, I don't need to carry half of the stuff I used to lug around. Finally, I am able to carry a purse. Though, it needs to be a little on the large side. I still have to carry a sippy cup & few diapers. This one is perfect...large bag, bright color, shoulder strap, lots of little compartments. I love it.

4. Two Tickets to the Femme Fatale Tour (
I am such a HUGE Britney fan, always have been. Yet, I've never seen her live. The fact that she's touring with Nicki Minaj puts the icing on the cake. I might not get these for Mother's Day, but I will be going. I don't care if I have to walk to Cleveland. I. AM. GOING.

5. Little Feet Necklace ($55 at
I've always loved these mommy necklaces. I hinted for one last year (and for every other holiday), but have yet to receive one. It's the perfect Mother's Day gift.

Monday, April 25, 2011

My Beauty Pet Peeves...

1. I HATE this color eyeshadow. There is nothing good about it. If you wear it, get to Sephora ASAP.

2. Please, please, PLEASE make sure your foundation matches your  skin, and BLEND.

3. Whether you are a size 0 or a 44, this is trashy not sexy.

4. If you're going to do a faux tan, don't go more than 2 shades darker than your skin tone. A glow is sexy. This will make you look dirty.

5. Drawn on eyebrows are NEVER a do. Never.

6. Your hair should never take up an entire photo. If your mane is stuck in the 80's, call me. I'll give you the number to a great salon.

7. If you're going to wear lip liner, wear it WITH lipstick...and make sure it matches.

8. Heavy on the eyes OR heavy on the lips, ladies. Never do both.

9. Don't make your eyeshadow to your outfit. Enough said.

10. In the words of Joan Rivers, "Just because it zips, doesn't mean it fits."


Fashionable & Fun: Feather Hair Extensions...

I am in love with this little thing!! You can wash them, dry them, curl them, straighten them...amazing!! They come in a variety of colors. Depending on how well you take care of them, they can last up to 6 months. They're a great way to add something new, fun, and exciting to your hair without cutting or damaging it. Plus, they are so easy to do.

 CLICK HERE to heck out a how to video from Miss Kandee Johnson. And head over to to get some of these little beauties for yourself!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Would You Let Your Man Do Your Makeup?...

This girl did!! She's a brave woman. Jeremiah isn't allowed near my In all honesty, I find this every sweet (and quite entertaining). Watch and enjoy!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Fashion Friday: Icon- Heidi Klum...

I love this woman. She's gorgeous. She's well-dressed. She isn't afraid to switch up her look. She's a business woman. She's a wife. She's a mother. She's one of the most famous supermodels in history. The woman has her own Barbie, for crying out loud. What's more iconic than that?!

Somehow, the woman with the fairytale job, the fairytale husband...the over-all fairytale life...seems completely approachable. No one that gorgeous is ever that sweet. Heidi is a rare species. There is no way she can be from this planet. Ugh. When I grow up, I want to be Heidi Klum. Here are few her looks I wanna steal...Enjoy!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Makeup for the Non-Makeup Girl...

I understand not all of you wear as much makeup as I do. I LOVE the stuff. I can't get enough. Sadly, not every girl wants to look like a drag queen, so this one is for you natural girls.

Instead of a heavy foundation, try a good tinted moisturizer. This one from Olay is light weight. It's called Olay Definity Color Rapture. It will give you sheer coverage, so your face won't look cakey. Plus, it has a glucosamine complex. It is designed to fight what ages you most, transforming the look of discoloration, dullness and brown spots Plus wrinkles - for luminous, more flawless, highly defined skin. It's pretty much a two for one deal. A bit pricey for a drugstore product (around $24.00), but a really great product.

Next on the list, a good mascara. You don't need a ton of shadow or liner to make your eyes pop. You do, however, need a good mascara. Cover Girl Lash Blast is a great one. The brush is huge, so it will give you tons of volume. Be sure to curl your lashes first, then do your mascara. You can find this product at drugstores for around $8.

Third on the list would be blush. Nothing about super shimmery blush screams "natural", so be sure to pick out a matte. Dust a little on the apples of your cheeks for a sheer, flushed, natural look. Try Revlon Matte Blush, at drugstores for around $8. This shade, Blushing Berry, is universally flattering.

To finish off your look, try a lipstain. It dries matte on your lips, so you won't have glittery, uber glossy lips that your hair gets stuck in (hate that...ugh.). And a bonus? It's long wearing. Which means, you don't have to keep applying it all day. Also, the color is buildable. If you want a sheer wash of color, only apply one coat. If you want a bold look, apply several. Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstain comes in 10 different shades, and will cost you around $5 (again, at drugstores).

That's all you need, ladies!! This will take your natural look to the next level!!


So, I loved MAC's matte lipstick, so I decided order a different finish. I ended up ordering 3 different shades, and they all ended up being satins. I was so excited to find out they have the same staying power as the matte ones. It's nice to put on lipstck once during the day. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend spending $14.50 on a great MAC lipstick (or 50). They are well worth the money.
Here's the satin colors I purchased...




**please note: these are not my lips...Odin was playing with my camera & I have no idea where he hid it**

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Billy B...

I've been studying a lot of makeup artists & their work lately. Billy B is by far my favorite. He's talented. He's humble. He's creative. And, He's painted some of the most famous faces...Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Sharon Stone, Pink, Cindy Crawford, and many, many more. But, the work he's most famous for is Miss Lady Gaga. He is the mastermind behind her most creative & beautiful beauty looks. It amazes me how he comes up with such different, crazy, couture looks.
Here are a few of my favorites...

944 Magazine

Born This Way video

Glamour Magazine

2010 Grammy's (in MAC Pink Nouveau lipstick)

Telephone video

2010 VMA's

Elle Magazine

Not sure what this one is

Bad Romance video

MAC Event