Thursday, April 14, 2011

Turning Over a New Leaf...

As many of you know, before I got pregnant, I was a bit of a gym rat. I ate right. I worked out. Not to sound vain, but I looked good. Since having Odin, I've slacked. My diet & exercise routine are embarrassing. I pretty much stopped working out, and I eat whatever I want...and it shows. My baby is a year old, and I still have 20 lbs to lose.
I'm taking my life back. It's time to stop making excuses & get my sexy back. I'm hoping you all will help hold me accountable. No more Diet Coke, junk food, or skipping workouts. I'll post weekly to let you all know how I'm doing. Wish me luck!!

I'm wearing a bikini to the beach this summer!! Mama's gonna get hot!!


  1. I feel the same way, only I don't have a kid! Every day I say I'm gonna start working out. Just need to do it!

  2. You're beautiful at any size, but I'm anxious for you to be happy in your own skin again. <3