Friday, March 25, 2011

Homemade Eye Makeup Remover...

My girl, Kandee Johnson, posted a video about how to make your own eye makeup remover. (here's the link) It's made from Witch Hazel & Olive Oil. That's it. My mama & I made some last night. We loved it!! I wear a ton of eye shadow, and little bit of that stuff on a cotton ball took my makeup off BOTH eyes. BOTH EYES!! It also leaves your skin so soft. And, the best part? It's super cheap. We had Olive Oil in the cabinet, and a big bottle of Witch Hazel was a little over $2 at trusty ol' Wal-Mart. Watch Kandee's video, she's better at explaining
While on the subject of Witch Hazel, my bff told me she's been using it as a toner. It shinks your pores. Its great for acne. It helps promote speedy healing with bumps, bruises, and burns. This stuff is AMAZING!! (& cheap!!) Click here to learn more about Witch Hazel!!

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