Monday, March 28, 2011

7 Grooming Products to Steal From Your Guy...

I ran across this article on my PopSugar iPhone app a few days ago. I thought it was adorable & practical, so I wanted to share it with you ladies!! I DID NOT WRITE THIS, just copied & pasted it :)

"When it comes to beauty and personal care products, most of the time it seems like women get all the good stuff. Anecdotal evidence is rife with tales of male friends, little brothers, and boyfriends sneaking our fancy eye creams and quietly delighting in our high-quality shampoos. But men's grooming has some pretty great stuff, too, and there's no reason you shouldn't be making off like a bandit (or just, you know, borrowing stuff). Our friends at BellaSugar compiled this handy list of products you should unashamedly steal from the men in your life.
His styptic pencil: These handy little sticks stop bleeding from shaving and help prevent infection, so when you nick that annoying spot on your knee, you don't have to hobble around holding tissue on it for 20 minutes. Rumor has it you can even use these on newly popped pimples in a pinch.
His face scrub: Try a men's face scrub on your body. They're often grainier than women's, and typically more moisturizing, so they're perfect to use on dry skin.
His nice razors: Oh man do I love men's razors. The fancy ones have so many blades, and they will make your legs extra smooth. 
His deodorant: It's strong enough for a woman, but made for a man. Seriously, though, guys' deodorant smells rich and warm, as opposed to the faux florals and chemical-y baby powders often encountered with women's.
His product: Use a dude's styling wax or pomade to smooth flyaways, or make your bedhead look intentional instead of walk of shame related.
His loofah: While they might not be the best for using on your whole body, they're absolutely perfect for scrubbing knees, elbows, and feet into smooth shape."

Just wanted to share a pic of my guy :) I steal his grooming products on a daily basis. He hates when there is leg hair in his razor & loofah smells like!!

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