Monday, August 29, 2011

What Will They Think of Next?...

Have trouble getting your eyeliner to look the same on both eyes? No worries. Dior has you covered. For their fall line, they have taken the hard work out of eyeliner...with stickers. The stickers were designed by Dior makeup artist and are available in three versions: Effect Velours: play a full and expressive line or slightly curved. Brilliant Effect: an eyeliner with miro-Swarovski crystals blacks that decorate the line. Effect Haute Couture: Swarovski crystals with three located on the corner of each eye. Parks Velvet Eyes will be sold in kits of 4 pairs of patches eyeliner These velvet eyeliner stickers will be made available on September 8th, exclusively in Milan. The suggested retail price is € 68.12. Which means you will be spending over 100 American dollars on stickers because you're too lazy to take the time to be creative. These annoy me. What happens if you don't get the stickers even? Kind of defeats the purpose, huh? I'm all about lip tattoos and crazy hair, but eyeliner stickers are a bit out of hand. Thanks for the giggle, Dior!!

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