Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Crazy Day...

Weirdest. Day. Ever. Seriously. It all started when I had to stop at St. Joe's to pick up a copy of my CT scan from the end of July. While waiting patiently, the electricity went out. So, I left, without a copy of my scan. Next, I went to McDonald's. Nothing really weird about that, I just hadn't had junk for awhile...lol. So, I arrive at UHC for my x-ray. The technician talked to me about my shoes, my nails, and my Pirates t-shirt (gotta love free t-shirts). Next, I went searching for the physicians office. After wandering around the hospital for 20 mins, I was finally heading the right direction. Then, I saw a sign for a spa...in the middle of the hospital. Wish I would've went there, but I fought the urge and trekked on to the dr's office. I walked into a waiting room full of 65 year old men...gotta love urologists' offices. I took a seat underneath the flat screen on the wall. Bad choice. It almost fell on my head during the EARTHQUAKE!! Madness. I called hubs and my mom. Neither of them felt it, so I felt a little nuts. The nurse called me back, she thought I lied about my weight on the form. She said I looked much smaller (yay!!). Then she asked me if I was Italian. I said yes. She said, "I could tell by your nose" (boo).

Finally, I get back to see the doctor, and I get the new that my kidney stone grew (so glad I gave up Diet Coke for nothing). They did blood work. So, I go back Monday to be shot full of dye & scanned again. Then back for a follow up on Wednesday. Yay. After my appointment, I went to the mall. I wanted to go to Victoria's Secret, but ended up buying a book at the bookstore instead (that NEVER happens). There was a carnival in the mall parking lot. So, I got back to Buckhannon, and decided that since my day was so bad, I was to eat mozzarella sticks. Bad choice. Kidney stone pain struck, and I lost my tasty cheese sticks.

So, that horribly written, hectic story was my day. I'm glad it's coming to an end. On a positive note, I did decide to take some online classes. I'm going to be a college girl!! Woo hoo!! I'm going to major in journalism, and try to turn this beauty blog into something big.

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