Friday, August 19, 2011

How Did I Not Know About This Place??!!...

It's no secret that I spend alot of time on line researching beauty products, stores, launches, brands, etc. While watching a video on YouTube I discovered the best kept secret...a legit place to buy high end makeup at a discounted price. It's called The Cosmetics Company Store (or CCO- Cosmetics Company Outlet- to those fancy people online). They're find out outlet malls, like Tanger in Washington, PA. Who would've thought an outlet mall would sell MAC?? Since Jeremiah had a day off, and he wanted to go to the outlets, I made sure to make CCO my first stop. Since I had never been there, I play 20 questions with the sales lady. She explained that when companies, like MAC, stop selling seasonal items & limited edition items to make room for upcoming collections, they send the leftovers to CCO. They had a ton of perfumes, some skincare, and high-end cosmetics...MAC, Bobbie Brown, Estee Lauder, etc. I was super excited to be able to purchase a couple products I thought I had missed out on...

MAC Pink Friday Lipstick (satin)
Original Price- $15.00
CCO Price- $10.00
This was a limited edition lipstick. It was designed by rapper Nicki Minaj, and sold online only for a very short time. I really wanted it, and was so sad to find out I missed it. I checked on sites, like eBay & Amazon. The cheapest I found it being sold was $40.00, some people were even asking $80.00. I was SUPER pumped when I found it for much cheaper.

MAC Hello Kitty Pretty Baby Beauty Powder
Original Price- $25.00
CCO Price- $15.00
I love Hello Kitty, always have. Although the product is pretty, I actually wanted it for the sparkly Hello Kitty compact. HK's face is actually stamped into the cute. I wanted to buy it in-store, but missed out. Now I'm kinda glad I missed out, I saved $10.00!! :)

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