Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Real Obsession...

Everyone comments on my makeup collection. People think I keep in a suitcase or it has it's own room. I LOVE makeup, don't get me wrong. It's my PASSION, it's not my OBSESSION. I'm good at doing makeup. Some people are meant to doctors or lawyers or carpenters or teachers...God's plan for me is to be a makeup artist. Who am I to fight a higher power?

Now, I'm not trying to be a Sour Sally. I'm just tired of hearing, "You spend too much money on makeup". So, as embarrassing as it is, I'm going to reveal my real obsession. That way, everyone can lay off the whole makeup thing. Here we go...**DEEP BREATH**...

I'm obsessed with bras from Victoria's Secret. There. I said it. They make me feel pretty, & girly. Everytime VS comes out with a new one, I HAVE TO HAVE IT. Sadly, the picture above does not contain all of my bras. There were 3 or 4 in the washer at the time of the photo. I have around 25 of ones, blue ones, green ones, yellow ones, purple ones, pink ones, nude colored ones, leopard print ones, flower ones, lace ones, strapless ones, halter ones, multi-way ones, push-up ones, sports ones...the list goes on & on. Does one person need that many? Probably not. Victoria's Secret makes it hard not to love them. They have flashy commercials & fancy coupons that come in the mail every month. It's their fault, not ;). So there, the cat is officially out of the bag. Now, those how feel the need to talk about my spending habits, can focus on my bras instead of my lipsticks.

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  1. Actually, those who want to obsess on your spending habits can feel free to remind themselves that it isn't their money you're spending. Not their money, and not their business.