Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How Far Would You Go For Longer Lashes?...

Would you pay $48.00 for eyeliner if it promised to give you lusher lashes?? Pete Roth Thomas Clinical Skin Care has developed just that. Their Lashes To Die For black liquid liner promises to visibly enhance the appearance of natural lash length, thickness, and fullness. According to, this product "dramatically enhances the appearance of lash length and density. A quick dry, stay-put liquid liner, it treats lashes all day long. Formulated with high levels of active SymPeptide (PRT's own special concoction), it dramatically enhances the appearance of natural lash length, thickness, and fullness when used daily. The intensely pigmented formula is longwearing and smudge-proof. Its convenient pen format allows for maximum control during application, ensuring a precise, even line that glides on with just one effortless stroke." PRT's Lashes To Die For liner says you'll see 46% increase in lashes in the first two weeks, and will reach full results in six weeks with a 76% increase. I'm not so sure I would pay $48.00 for eyeliner, even if it did promise to grow my lashes. Would you??

Much like Latisse, Fusion Beauty's StimuLashFusion Intensive Night Conditioning Lash Enhancer promises to grow lashes in six weeks using a serum you apply daily with a brush. Unlike Latisse, you don't need a prescription...just $89.00 and access to The advanced formula also delivers a protective dose of vitamin E and nourishing infusions of peptides and amino acids. This product is also opthamologist-tested, and can be used on lashes or eyebrows. I read a ton of reviews on this product, and the majority of people (90%) raved about it. This might be worth trying. The almost $90 price tag seems a bit steep, but Latisse runs about $120 and you will have to see a doctor to be able to purchase it. 

Something that will give you gorgeous lashes that you won't have to wait six weeks for is eyelash extensions. They are bonded to your actual, individual eyelashes, much like hair extensions. It takes a few hours to do, and the average cost is around $75.00. As you can see from the picture above, they look amazing. A little birdie told me Trump's on Main Street, here in down, is going to start doing them. I really hope this is true. I really want some!! I wear alot of fake lashes, and they tend to fall off or need reapplied after you wear them for awhile. I've already asked Jeremiah for these for Christmas/

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