Monday, August 8, 2011

New Tat...

I've wanted a wrist tattoo for such a long time now. A girls day out seemed like the perfect time to make it happen. Sometimes, it's fun to be spontaneous. Being a wife & a mother, I don't get to do things like this very often. I've been asked about it a few times & I just want to let everyone know about it...

  • What does it say?- It says "for always" in Italian.
  • Why did you get it?- I got it for my husband. So much cuter than getting his name or a heart.
  • Did it hurt?- After the pain of a kidney stone, my definition of 'hurt' has changed. Of all my tattoos (ankle, foot, and back of my neck), this one was the most uncomfortable. It stung, I wouldn't say it hurt.
  • I thought you were getting something else on your wrist...?- At first, I was going to get O's birthday in Roman numerals there. I wanted to get this down the side of my ring finger, but the tattoo artist said it wouldn't last. So, I made a split second decision & got this one. I'll find a new & exciting spot to immortalize my son in ink.

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