Monday, December 26, 2016

A Message to the Younger Genreration...

I've accidently become a role model to the younger generation in our community. I have two teenage sisters, a teenage cousin, a four year old niece, and I'm a nurse in a family practice office. A lot of younger people know who I am (I hear "aren't you Dash's older sister?" at least 4 times a week). I interact with young women on a daily basis. I hear their stories- good and bad. I want to offer up a little piece of advice...


You're a teenager. Enjoy being young. You don't need to contour your face or draw on crazy, fake looking, dark eyebrows. You have young, glowing, beautiful skin that still has all it's elasticity. Enjoy that! Once you hit thirty, you'll wish you had that back. You don't need a black, lace, pushup bra with a matching thong. I get wanting to feel sexy and beautiful, but wearing the undergarments of a 50 year old cougar who wants to pick up college boys isn't the way to feel sexy. You don't need to dress like the Victoria's Secret fashion show to feel beautiful. Sometimes, wearing something that is full coverage and fits properly can make you feel just as good. I promise. You don't need to cuss. It doesn't make you sound more intelligent, it makes you sound ignorant. You don't need to send nude pictures over the internet. You know that cute guy on the football team that keeps asking for pictures of you? He's not going to grow up to be Tom Brady with a multimillion dollar NFL contract and endorsement deals. Chances are, he'll never leave this town. So, don't feel like you have to impress him. And know, that if you do send him those pics, he's going to show all of his friends. You're better than that. Don't do it. Respect yourself.

And stop feeling like you need to give into peer pressure. Don't feel like you have to look or act a certain way to fit in. I wish more young people would understand how amazing it is to fully be yourself, and truly love who you are. If you want to dye your hair pink (and your parents approve), do it! Express yourself. Be yourself. You don't need to look and act like a Kardashian to be someone in this world. Embrace your quirks. Celebrate your individuality. There is no one in this world like you. You are one in seven billion. God made you unique for a reason. Remember that.

And listen your mother. She's not as dumb as you think she is. She's been through everything you're going through. Talk to her. Confide in her. One day, she'll be your best friend.

And treat everyone the same. You're a human being. You're no better than anyone. It doesn't cost anything to be nice. Hold the door for people. Use your manners. Smile.  Looks can fade. You could get fat. You're no better than the Queen of England or the homeless guy that pees on the grass at Sheetz. Our graves will all look the same.

And put your phone down. Look people in the eye. Read a book. Learn a new skill. Go outside. Live life. Don't see the world through a screen, go out and experience it. Make memories. Real life is way better than those fake, staged Instagram posts.

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