Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fat Bank...Really??...

Orlando cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Jeffery Hartog, is opening a new business...Liquid Gold Lipo Bank. A "fat bank" where patients who have liposuction can store their removed fat. They can come back later on and use the fat to enlarge their breasts or smooth out their wrinkles.
While freezing fat might seem like a great way to keep a natural filler and plumper on hand, some surgeons are generally leery of the idea. Those against it note that freshly taken fat is more stable and cite concerns about potential mix-ups at the "bank," which could prove deadly. Also, a 2007 survey of surgeons conducted by the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal found that "the clinical optimism expressed by the proponents of the procedure has not been corroborated by objective scientific assessments."
Dr. Hartog says that fat freezing eliminates the need for more invasive treatments (and the need to go under anesthesia multiple times) because it allows you to inject more in later. He also explains that the fat is specially treated with protectants to help it last a lifetime at the bank. Still, keeping your liposuctioned fat around just in case you want to fill in your wrinkles in a decade or two is now a possibility. Thanks, science?

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