Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Favorite Wal-Mart Beauty Find

As a diehard Sephora girl, I don't usually browse the makeup isles at Wal-Mart. Occasionally, I'll need to kill some time, and I'll find myself looking at random cosmetics. One day, while shopping with my mom & grandma, I went looking for some lotion. I eneded up staring at the Revlon display instead. For some reason I was drawn to their matte lipstick collection. I'm not a lipstick girl, at all. I tend to wear drag queen eye shadow, & I feel like a dark lip would be a little much. Chapstick is my daily go to lip wear. Anywho, I looked at the top row, and there it was. The color I had been searching for for months....

Nude Attitude (001). A completely matte, nude lipstick that was the perfect shade. This shade looks fabulous with a smoky eye. It also looks great on it's own. It's not one of those colors where you HAVE to wear makeup. My mom picked up this color as well, & she loves it as much  as I do. It run around $8. It stays on quiet well, I was impressed. The only con about it is if your lips are even the slightest bit chapped, this does not look smooth at all. Other than that, it's a great product, a great shade, and a great value.

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