Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Little About Me...

That's me!! 27 year old wife, stay at home mom to a healthy 10 month old son, and avid makeup lover. I have not had any professional training...yet. I've always loved makeup. I always thought about going to school to become a professional makeup artist. But being from a small town in the middle of West Virginia, there isn't a big market for makeup artists. So, since I was about 4, I've been doing makeup for fun. I was the girl in high school who got made fun for experimenting with makeup. I've never been afraid of color. I like looking different every day. I think that's the fun part of being a girl. I spend a lot of time researching new makeup trends & trying them on myself. I don't really have anyone around here to share my findings with, so I thought I'd start a blog. When my son starts pre-school, I plan on getting some formal training. Until then, I will just share my thoughts, reviews, hopes, and dreams with all of you!! Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I love writing.
Love & lashes, Jamie <3

1 comment:

  1. I love your makeup tips, but mama.... you have got to share some of your hair secrets. You have killer hair, even when it's just in a pony tail.